Keep on showing up. Meaningful change is hard and there are no quick fixes or shortcuts. Set a pace and stick to it and you will build up significant progress over time.

The compounding effects of consistency are incredibly powerful, but in the early days it can be hard to recognise the positive benefits.

For each small step you take, keep on learning and improving, but keep on taking those steps. When you’ve found something that’s moving you towards your goals, keep on doing it.

It’s better to set your schedule and keep to it, than it is to go in bursts and then do nothing. Setup your commitments accordingly. Write a blog post once a week and publish every Monday, rather than write five in a month but share them all in the last week.

If you are helping people on LinkedIn, then set aside a chunk of time each day, and keep on that schedule. Don’t dip in for a few days and then disappear for a week.

Building the consistency not only gives structure to your efforts, it helps people to see your commitment and to understand the engagement they can expect.

Celebrate your small wins early on, then celebrate the bigger ones as you build up steam.

Keep showing up, and after a while people will be ready for what you are bringing. That’s when the consistency pays off.

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