Star of Your Movie

You are the star in the movie of your life. Everything that happens to you, everything that you do or think, it’s all vital and it’s all going to get top billing.

There are co-stars, special guests, cameos and bit-part players. Different people will loom large in some acts, before becoming lost to the story as you move on through your journey. Some of these will be very easy to predict, some will be very unexpected.

Everyone else you encounter will also be starring in their own movie. Their story is of top importance, and you might just be an extra in a crowd scene.

Sometimes you can be blocked from taking action as you assign too much importance to your own place in the story. If you shy away from a step that’s positive because of what someone else might think, then stop and consider where you sit in the story of their life.

Change can be uncomfortable, but if your large change is just going to have a transient impact on someone you don’t interact with much, then that’s not a reason to hold back.

Changing jobs is a really great example of this. It’s going to have more lasting impact on your co-stars (immediate family) than anyone else. These are the people to consult with, to care about and to be a key part of the journey.

Everyone else will notice the change, but only as to how it impact their own movies. Co-workers might feel some passing pain but they’ll adjust. Your real supporters will celebrate the change, and might just turn into stars of the next act.

Anyone who doesn’t celebrate wasn’t worth worrying about. A bad boss who bemoans your success because it’ll cause them more work just becomes a funny character to only ever be recalled in a minor flashback scene.

If you find it difficult to make a change in your life, draw out your movie poster. Care deeply about your stars, and don’t let the bit-part villains hold you back.

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