Knowing your worth

It’s very easy to undersell your particular skills, abilities and experience. It’s something that any of us can struggle with, as we lose perspective on our unique potential to contribute.

This is something that you can recognise, and combat with practice. Consider this really simple exercise. Think about something that you find easy to do. Ideally, find something that other people are impressed by, a skill that you gain recognition from. Maybe it’s something like baking, or something from the corporate world, like chairing a great meeting.

Now think about this easy thing. Reflect on how long you’ve been doing it. Times it’s gone well, experiences from the past that were less successful than you are now. Think back on your journey in this area.

How much effort has it taken to build this skill up so it’s easy to you? If you’ve been honest with yourself, then it’s likely to have taken a significant amount of learning to reach this point and probably some mis-steps along the way.

When you recognise all of this, then you’ll see why this easy skill is anything but easy. You’ll start to understand why people recognise you for your ability and you’ll be able to fairly value your experience.

If you want to explore your own unique skills and know your true worth, then book a conversation now to gain this understanding.

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