Where’s your Reality?

Before you can make any great plans to achieve your goals, before you can feel that your goals are within your reach, you must understand your current reality.

In these times, it’s especially relevant. You might be safe at home and working remotely. You might have to suddenly manage childcare, work and support for others in an unfamiliar new configuration. You may be working endless days in the most extreme of environments.

This is not normal, and you’ll need to recognise this.

People are busy celebrating free time, taking on major projects and streaming to the world. If you aren’t in a place to do those things, then reflect on where you are, then do what’s right for you now.

Given the changes to our daily lives, you’ll need to do a fresh accounting of your now. Once you understand this, then you can re-evaluate your goals, set your direction and drive forwards towards positive change.

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