Getting Virtual

Lots of us are working from different spaces, with different setups and totally changed routines.

There’s dozens of great articles talking about how to work from home, coming from those who’ve been doing it for years and those who are starting to figure it out for the first time. It’s definitely different to the previous models, so don’t get hung up on hitting perfect from day one, try out a few different things and keep what works for you.

I’ve given lots of virtual coaching sessions, and find that they can be absolutely as effective as face-to-face time.

To have a great session:

  • Give yourself five minutes to clear your mind before you start. Get up, walk around and get your energy in the right place.
  • Set yourself up, comfy chair, drink of water, pen, notepad and anything else to smoothly get through the next hour.
  • Change up a bit from your usual teleconference. This might be a great time to pick a different part of the room, or a more casual setup.
  • Mute your phone, turn off all notifications and permit yourself some time fully focused on your own development.
  • Be open and committed to a successful outcome, and you’re more likely to get one!

If you’re ready to give it a go, then schedule a time with me now, or drop me an e-mail and we’ll sort something out.

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