Coaching Leadership

Personality Tests

In the corporate world, you are certainly going to encounter a range of personality tests. I’ve previously talked about not ending up in a box, but rather to take what you can from the test.

One way to do this is to take a range of tests, as this can both help you pull out some themes, and not get too stuck into that single focus from a one-off result.

So whether that’s Clifton Strengths, Management Drives or something else, have a go and see what comes.

There’s not necessarily a lot of real science behind these tests, but if you take them honestly, you’ll probably find something that resonates with you. A major benefit is the language that they use to talk about certain personality traits. Particularly if the test is favoured by your org, it can build in some useful shorthands.

The best tests are the ones that open you up rather than close you down. Thinking about how to be more successful by leaning on your strengths or being aware of blind spots is always powerful. It’s the process and time that you take to reflect that gives you that chance to grow.

You aren’t a giraffe, you aren’t green. You aren’t a Judger and you aren’t an Alchemist. You are a person who can learn and grow and change, and you can do that the best when you focus on the practice and reflect on your journey.

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