More Is Better

Here’s a interesting question that was thrown at me the other day. “Does adding more developers reduce code quality?”

The answer is “No”, so long as you remember something really important. Software development is most certainly a team sport. Recognise this, and you’ll see why adding more people to a project will be beneficial.

The flip side is also true. If you add extra developers, but treat them like individuals, then you are much more likely to put together a substandard solution.

As a team, you work together for the shared outcome. You agree practices and processes that help you go faster and protect you from basic mistakes. You can share the load in busy spaces, get extra pairs of eyes on complex parts of the system and use the expertise of others to fill in gaps in the rest of the team.

Much in the same way that a football team isn’t made up of eleven forwards, you don’t just add carbon copy skillsets to your team. Bring together a diverse group across skills, preferences and experience, and you’ll get a better solution to your problems.

Teams build software, remember this and you won’t shy away from adding to your group!

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