Got Goals?

I’ve written a number of times about setting powerful goals. Going through a process of understanding where you want to get to, how you’ll recognise you’ve made it there and creating statements of accountability helps to shape your focus and purpose.

Once you’ve done this? What next?

Understand your options. Come up with some approaches that might help you achieve your goals. Think about what will be hard, visualise the steps you can take to remove barriers. Lay out a range of choices.

Then pick one, and do something that will move you closer to achieving your goals. Take that first step and start to build momentum. Keep on taking steps. There are no quick fixes, so you’ll have to keep going and going. Once you’ve started it will get easier, if you keep on putting in the work.

A sufficiently transformative goal will not be achieved in a single burst of effort, so build in a plan to review your progress. Some steps are easy, so might need reflection on a weekly basis. Some take longer to show progress, so you may look back monthly. Whatever you do, setup a regular cadence. Learn from what you’ve done and correct early, and you will progress more quickly.

Goals are great once you have them. Now you need to go and achieve them!

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