Coaching Leadership

Decisions, decisions

A really fast way to fail is to stop being able to make decisions. It manifests in lots of ways in an organisation, from tiny things needing multiple sign-offs, through to people chasing just “one more data point” before committing to doing something.

If you aren’t shipping you are losing, and if you aren’t making decisions, then you certainly aren’t shipping anything.

So how to fight against this and keep moving forwards?

Don’t sweat the small stuff – Do some due diligence on the big spend, but just let people do something small without major chains of approval. If you can’t change that process, then do whatever you can to make it easier for people. Try to say ‘yes’ wherever you can if it’s not going to break the bank.

Measure reality – Hypothesis and theories are great to point us in a direction, but the truth is found out in the world. Figure out the fastest way to get to measuring real behaviour, implement that and then iterate on the results you get. The majority of value in your analysis comes from the early effort, get enough confidence to try something and then go from there.

Reduce the risk – Don’t do a big bang release, instead roll-out to a few customers before ramping up over time. Test a solution with a few simple cases to see that it solves them before investing in solving every possible thing. Turn decisions into two-way doors so you can undo them if it doesn’t go well.

Sometimes you have to put the effort in, do the due diligence and make sure that you have everything that you could possibly need lined up and covered off before you make a decision.

That’s really rare! Don’t let it become the default or the gears will stop turning and you’ll never progress.

Use the techniques above to keep moving, keep learning and you’ll keep on delivering massive value!