Reading List

Here’s a brief list of some books that I’ve read and that have been beneficial to me. It’s deliberately short, it’ll evolve over time and I hope it’ll help you too!

Links will take you to posts covering my thoughts in more detail.

You can catch-up with all my Book Reviews, which will also update more frequently than this list.



  • Manager As Coach – Introduces the OSCAR model, and covers lots of coaching / management interactions.
  • The Coaching Manual – A fundamental guide to the practice and processes of coaching.
  • Effective Modern Coaching – Great models, including the Model ‘T’ and the Coaching Spectrum.
  • The Coaching Habit – Seven basic questions to improve you coaching, and how to build the habits to use them successfully.

Personal Growth

  • Getting to Yes – How to think about negotiations, and finding a solution to a problem that benefits as many people as much as possible.
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Being proactive, solving important problems and caring about one another.