System Design

Tiered Applications

We design systems in tiers to enable us to simplify complex problems and to give us greater understanding of the solutions we are attempting to create.

The most common separation is to split Data, Display and the methods to convert one to the other (generally known as Business Logic). This three tier structure can be seen across many different applications, and extends throughout the entire software industry. Often developers will be hired to only work on a single tier, the skills for working at each level can be very different.

If we achieve a good separation into tiers, we can replace the implementation of one tier with another. The commonest replacement is to implement new Display modes, adding a mobile display to an existing website, switching a windows display to the web.

Changing the data source is almost always more problematic, as you must move your data as well, but it is still possible.

We give up the possibility of the most efficient system when we create a tiered system, but in exchange we gain simplicity and understanding. As technology gets ever more powerful the systems we ever more afford this trade-off in the interest of creating maintainable and extendable systems.

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