Cloud Computing Windows Azure

Azure – Roles

My simple Azure application, Magic Deck Statistics, makes use of two of the different types of Azure roles, web roles and worker roles.

Very simply, web roles are used to run web applications, via IIS. Worker roles do not have access to IIS (by default), and are used to run processes that don’t have user interaction.

In my application the worker role runs a daily job to download data from various sources and process it into a SQL database. The web roles deal with the presentation of this data, handling requests from visitors and querying the processed data.

The advantage of Web and Worker roles is that you don’t have to worry about the underpinnings of the setup. The server details are abstracted away and managed for you. You can very quickly scale up by provisioning additional web and worker roles through the management console.

If you need to deal with more complex software scenarios you can make use of the more general VM options, which allow you full configuration control over the VM. The cost here is that you must then maintain the entire machine, dealing with any patching and updating yourself.

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